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I am a stay-at-home mom to 2 children, Ryan and Alexa. My husband and I are high school sweethearts who have been through college, medical school, residency, and fellowship together. He just started his practice in orthopaedic spine surgery in our home town.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Henry Doorly Zoo

Last Friday the kids and I, along with my mom, made a trip to Omaha to visit the zoo. I'm not a huge fan of zoos, but this one is really nicely done. It is regularly named as one of the top zoos in the country. I won't go into a long post of all that we did, but I know my family would like to see some pictures. Enjoy!!

SPT- What's in Your Bag?

I love purses! When Jim and I were first married and did not have children, buying purses was my favorite thing to spend my money on. Obviously I was not able to keep this up once we had children, I quit teaching, and Jim started residency. Then for awhile I was only able to carry diaper bags. Even though that was not that long ago, there are much more cuter diaper bags out there now than 6 years ago. Now that I am free of diaper bags, I have enjoyed being able to use cute little purses again. These 2 are what I am using this summer. The brown and white one is a Target find. I love it! It has plenty of pockets and space for goodies, but is not too big. And for under $40, you can't beat it. The hot pink one is the purse I purchased at a charity auction.
I really like it because it is unlike anything I have ever had before. I usually choose black or brown so it was nice to do something different.

This is what was in my 2 purses. What the heck?!? How embarrassing! I think I have a major issue with lip gloss. (If you haven't tried the new glosses at Bath and Body Works, you must. They are delicious!) At least this forced me to clean out my purses. I have NO idea where those 2 plastic insects came from. Weird.

**What do you have in your bag?**

Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

Hope everyone enjoyed a fun-filled and relaxing weekend. It was pretty uneventful around here, but that's nice. The weather was a little gloomy for most of the weekend. But that didn't stop Jim and Ryan from attending a Civil War reinactment at Fort Kearny. The men wore Civil War uniforms, had canons, and even had a soldier with part of his finger missing (doubt that it was war related). I think Ryan the cannons were some of the coolest things he had ever seen. Since 4th of July (see here) is one of Jim and Ryan's favorite holidays, I am not surprised he had the time of his life.

The weather finally got a little warmer Monday afternoon, so we took the kids to the pool and a barbeque. We are so excited to have a full summer with our club's new pool. It opened up last year, but not until mid-June. I am looking forward to afternoons of lounging by the pool with the kids.

This doesn't really have anything to do with Memorial Day other than that I took the picture today, but I just had to post it. Her sweet little face is just too cute!!! Love ya sweet Alex!


Tuesday, May 22, 2007


So I don't feel too overwhelmed trying to catch up on everything that has been going on during my absence, I will just give a short overview. I am really excited to catch up on everyone's blog. I missed you all and missed reading about all that's going on with your families. Thanks for the sweet notes and comments. I know it sounds trite, but it made me feel so good to know that people were thinking of me.

*Mother's Day- Jim got up with the kids and I was able to sleep in. So fantastic! The kids (and Jim) gave me a day trip to the spa. What's great about it is that I can use it all at once or split up the 4 treatments. Very excited! We went to church and then my parents and Jim's dad and stepmom came over for barbeque. Please keep Jim's dad in your prayers. He had a kidney transplant last fall and has had a rough go of it. The doctors have decided to put him back on the transplant list and remove the dead kidney. He is now undergoing dialysis. Not much fun!

*Ryan had a end of the year program at his school. His class did such a great job! I really love this age. He just cracks me up on a daily basis.

Ryan singing his song

Ryan with his friend Fritz and Fritz's little sister Elana

*Donna sent me a sweet note that brightened my day. Thanks for thinking of me!

*We are getting a new couch on Thursday. I will post pictures later.

*The kids and I, with my mom, are going to Omaha on Thursday afternoon to see my sister. We are going to go to the zoo, do a little shopping, and eat at P.F. Chang's. Can't wait!

*I have been OK'ed to do some walking on the treadmill and hopefully by the end of next week, some short distance running. I never knew what an ordeal this would be, but I know things could be worse.

I am looking forward to keeping up with my blog and keeping up with yours as well. Hope everyone is well and looking forward to the beginning of summer. Take care!!

Friday, May 18, 2007

On a Break

Everything is great here. Sorry to worry some of you. I am just taking a little break from blogging. We will be back soon. Can't wait to hear what everyone has been up to. Take care!

Go Spurs Go!

Thanks Annalisa for the fab good mail! You are too sweet!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Way to Run, Team Lizzie!

This Sunday was the half marathon. I am proud to say that all of my friends who started the race finished. The weather did not make it easy, though. It was pretty windy at the beginning and raining. The weather did improve and by the time most of them were finishing, the rain had stopped. I loved watching all of them come through the finish line. Some tears were shed at the end since most were running with Lizzie in mind, but the tears weren't all sad tears. I was so honored and proud to be a part of this special moment. The only thing better would have been if I could have run. I will be there next year though. Way to go, my friends! I am so proud of you!

Team Lizzie! We love you Elizabeth!

Molly and Sami getting ready to cross the finish line

Laura, Eric, Sanae, Sami, Trevor, and Molly

Today I received some wonderful good mail.
Carlo sent me a package filled with lots of goodies. Love the photo clips! Thanks so much!!

Natasha sent me this fabulous Mother's Day gift. Your thoughtfulness is so appreciated!

Andrea sent me this adorable card. I love it! I need a stamp like that.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Go Spurs Go!!!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Slow Moving Friday

Today was a pretty low-key day in our household. Ryan didn't have school, so we hung around the house a bit longer this morning and then went to the gym. We stopped by Target for a few things and then I let (haha) the kids talk me in to driving through McDonald's for lunch. So glad swimsuit season is coming up (insert sarcastic voice here)!

Ryan had a birthday party this afternoon. I offered to watch their 18 month old daughter so they did not have to worry about her at the party. Alex absolutely adores her, so it was easy. She was so good and we really had a nice time. I know we all say this at one time or another, but I really need to remember to get down on the floor and just PLAY with my kids. Time is going by so quickly.

Saturday morning Jim and I will leave to go to Lincoln for the half marathon. I had signed up to do this race back in late January and had started my training, but in March, I got a stress fracture in my tibia. Not fun! I has been a long, slow journey and I still can't run, but hopefully, I can start up again in a couple of weeks. We will be cheering on many friends Sunday morning, but especially my friend Sami. Sami is running in memory of her daughter Lizzie, who passed away from cancer in October. One of our friends had some shirts made up for us spectators, so we will all be there, living life with Lizzie in mind. Please keep all the runners in your thoughts and prayers. Go Team Lizzie!!

Happy Birthday Kelly A.!! Hope you had a fabulous day!

Go Spurs Go!!!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Happy Belated May Day

May Day is a huge deal here in Kearney. I'm not really sure why, it just always has been that way. Every year on May 1st, the kids (really the parents) make May Day "baskets" full of goodies for their neighbors. The children take the baskets to their friends house, ring the doorbell, and try and get away before the person sees you. It use to be that if you caught the person delivering the basket you would catch them and kiss them, but the kids don't really do that anymore. The May Day tradition is huge in my neighborhood. As soon as school lets out, it is crazy. Kind of reminds me of Halloween, just without the costumes and cold weather.

This year the kids and I took empty toilet paper rolls, covered it with tissue paper, tied one end, filled the roll with candy, and then tied the other end. We then put a sticker on it with their names. Next year I need to remember to ask Kacey with Doodlebugs to make up some cute stickers for me.

Some of my neighbors are very creative. Look and see.

I really enjoy May Day. It is such a nice way to get out in the neighborhood and see everyone and celebrate the beautiful weather. Hope everyone had a glorious May Day! Did anyone else celebrate this holiday?

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

SPT Treasured Item

Self Portrait Tuesday

this week's challenge is to show & tell one of your most treasured items. the catch is (YES, there is a catch)... it must be smaller than a deck of cards!

This is a picture of one of my most treasured items. Jim bought me this ring in December for our 10 year anniversary. Not only do I think it is absolutely gorgeous, but it also is a daily reminder to me of all that we have been through in our 10 years of marriage and how blessed we are. We have gone through medical school, moved 1,000 miles away from home, bought our 1st home, orthopaedic surgery residency, gave birth to 2 children, spine surgery fellowship, sold our home, moved back home, bought another home, joined a practice. But most of all it reminds me of our continuing love for one another and how that love only gets stronger year after year. Sappy sounding, but so true! Thank you honey for my treasured item.