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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Today is my mom's birthday. I want to let her know how much we love her. I won't tell you her age, but I will list 57 things I love about my mom.

1. She is a great grandma. My kids adore her!

2. I got my love of reading from her.

3. She remembers everyone's birthday, anniversary, etc. and always sends cards. She understands good mail.

4. She loves playing bridge, no matter how much we tease her about it.

5. My mom is always willing to babysit my children.

6. We talk everyday, sometimes several times.

7. She ends each conversation with me with "I love you".

8. She quit her job as a speak therapist to stay home with us girls when we were born.

9. She is a devote Catholic.

10. My mom has been in the same Bible Study group for 20+ years.

11. She loves her 3 son-in-laws like they were her own children.

12. My mom and my dad have been married for over 35 years. What an accomplishment in today's world.

13. Traveled all around the country to watch my sister play college softball.

14. She loves all kinds of sports, especially our local high school and college teams.

15. She cries easily, just like me.

16. She is technologically challenged, but we still love her. :)

17. Mails cards to my kids even though we live in the same town. The kids love it!

18. She cans salsa and peaches and freezes corn and peaches in the summer. They are so yummy in the middle of winter.

19. She is a loving daughter and sister.

20. She is a great friend.

21. My mom is never pushy.

22. She gives everyone the benefit of the doubt.

23. She like cooking/baking special things for my dad.

24. My dad and her stil hold hands.

25. She has wonderful values and beliefs.

26. She is very loyal.

27. Her love of creamy jalapeno dip from Chuy's is as strong as mine. She has been known to carry a small lunch bag with dip in it on the plane home from San Antonio (when we lived there). She is so sad we will not be able to do that when we visit in March. Don't think the airlines would allow it anymore.

28. Loves to take long, hot baths as much, if not more, as I do.

29. She cross stiched a blanket for each of her grandkids. They are absolutely beautiful!

30. She has given up Diet Coke for Lent for many years. I don't think I have enough willpower for that.

31. She loves to rock her grandchildren to sleep or fall asleep in the chair with them.

32. She doesn't get annoyed when Alex wants to fix her hair (which is all the time).
33. She is involved in many different service organizations.

34. She helps my dad with his gym floors whenever she cans. She's very good at edging and painting. :)

35. She didn't stress (too bad) when two of her daughters got married within 4 months of each other in 2 different towns.

36. She has worked for American Greetings for many years so we are always getting cards for every holiday. We love them!

37. Loves Mexican food and Chinese food.

38. Dislikes milk and eggs.

39. She still takes care of me when I am sick.

40. My mom and I were both AOII in college.

41. Finally got to take her dream trip to Hawaii.

42. She loves traditions, especially anything to do with Christmas.
43. She can't say no to kids coming to her door selling things.

44. At least once a month travels 2 hours each way to have lunch with her mom.

45. Mom was a good sport when my sisters and I raided her closet and made her get rid of some of her old sweaters, especially the holiday ones.

46. She makes a great homemade pizza and Thunderbird salad.

47. She always has a stash of candy and gum on hand for the kids.

48. Mom is a great bargain hunter.

49. She calls me whenever she sees a great deal on something at Target.

50. Target is one of her favorite stores as well.

51. Has finally started treating herself to massages and pedicures.

52. Loves learning about history.

53. Successfully raised 3 girls with my dad.

54. She is one of the nicest people I know.

55. She loves anything black licorice tasting.

56. We love and adore her!

57. Happy Birthday Mom and Grandma! You are the best!


Blogger donna said...

What a great post. It sounds like you have a wonderful MOM and she likes Target.

9:59 AM  
Blogger Angie said...

Beautiful things about your mom. I could use some advice, from her, on raising three girls to be wonderful adults.

So sad about the airlines not letting you take anything liquid on the plane, she would enjoy some creamy jap from your visit in March.

Wish her a Texas-sized happy birthday from us.

10:58 AM  
Blogger Kelly A. said...

How wonderful. Happy Birthday to your mom. I hope my kids have 57 nice things to say about me someday.

I bet you could still check the dip wrapped in a few zip locs. It is cold on the underside of the airplane it might work! Worth a try. Hey, it's Chuy's!

12:24 PM  
Blogger Tara said...

What a nice tribute! Isn't having a wonderful mom such a great blessing?

1:26 PM  
Blogger Jenny said...

I am laughing that you won't tell us her age, but listed 57 things about her old is she? What a wonderful post B! Your mom is so cute.I have only met her once, but I remember her being so sweet. I love that her and your dad still hold hands. I am so glad you are finally close to her to enjoy her even more!

Happy Birthday!

6:44 PM  
Blogger trayceetee said...

I know this is way after her birthday, but I just found it today. I could add so many things (not that I want to add years to her, though): She's beautiful, inside and out; she's way hip; she always finds the good in people, even when negative things are more prominent; she's a FABULOUS Godmother (set an awesome example of the kind of Godmother I hope that I am to my own Godchildren); she loves my backrubs, even though I haven't given her one in years; she makes everyone feel special; I could go on and on.... Hope you had a great Birthday, Aunt Sue!!! xoxo

7:29 AM  

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