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Monday, August 14, 2006

A Friendly Visit

This last Friday and Saturday, the kids and I went to Omaha to help my sister and her husband move into their new home. They are in their early 20's, both with good jobs and no kids yet. They were able to get a great house in a nice quiet neighborhood in the Milliard school district. I didn't take any pictures because I didn't think anyone would want to see us all sweaty. It was so hot and humid on Friday. That night I got to go visit my friend Jill and her husband and 2 kids. They were residents with us in San Antonio. I have not seen them in over a year. Jill and Dan had a new baby boy, Ian, almost 3 months ago. He is soooo cute! They also have a 4 year old, Abby. She is such a sweet little girl. Without having to go into too many details, Abby has had many health problems in her short 4 years. She will be going to Ohio on Monday to have surgery on Thursday. So whoever reads this, please sent up your prayers for the doctors, Abby, and her family. Good luck Abby!!! We love you!


Blogger Jenny said...

I didn't realize that you saw Jill too! He is a cutie. Glad Alex's birthday went well. :)

12:50 PM  

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