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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Summer Fun!

Do you remember how much fun summers were when you were a kid? Of course we didn't realize all the time our parents spent driving us from one activity to another or the money they spent to keep us occupied. Our neighbors recently laid down a bunch of money to keep everyone entertained. They bought the new Bonzi Falls water slide. The thing is pretty cool and the kids have a blast on it. I'm not sure our little Slip and Slide will compare with that. Ryan started his swimming lessons yesterday. He was very nervous because he hated putting his head in the water. He doesn't get the concept of closing your mouth when you go under. The lesson yesterday went so well he put almost his whole head in and is looking forward to going again today. We may have a swimmer by the end of summer!


Blogger Jenny said...

How fun and to be able to benefit from a water activity is always a bonus. Ryan will get used to it eventually. It took Taylor until she was five she literally screamed all the time. Now she swims like a fish. Hang in there!

1:27 PM  
Blogger trayceetee said...

Well, now we're DEFINITELY intimidated to have you stay with us here in Lincoln! All our kids do is run through a regular, old-fashioned sprinkler! :) Actually, even that's been put on hold while Josie broke her arm. One more week, and the cast/splint should come off. Then it's sprinkler time and pool time...ALL the time! Come visit us!!!

9:49 AM  

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